β—† Waddup! I'm Maron & I like to draw. β—†
β—† 22, he/him, πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ, Ξ˜Ξ” β—†
β—† I like stupid Nintendo games β—†
β—† Contact me via Discord (maronbeere) β—†

Social Medias

Discord: maronbeere

Commission status: OPEN!

Queued: 2

Choose a Style:

Sketch: €12

Line Art: €20

Complex Backgrounds: €5 to €12

Sketches and line art pieces come with free simple shading and backgrounds.

PMD Style Portraits: €15 to €45

4 Portraits: €15
8 Portraits: €25
12 Portraits: €35
16 Portraits: €45

With emotions of your choice!
(any emotions not shown here have to be specified, including a photo reference.)

Terms of Service

- Each additional character costs 50% extra. This also applies to multiple instances of the same character for ref sheets or comic strips!
- Prices are in Euro (EUR). Payment is done up front via PayPal; fees may apply, please select "For Friends and Family" before purchase.
- The final price may vary due to complexity. I have the right to deny any commission.
- Please contact me via Discord (see above) because Twitter's DMs suck

Things I Can Draw
PokΓ©mon, animals, furries, humanoids
Things I Will Not Draw
NSFW, hateful content, other things I'm uncomfortable with